Symbian predicts the end of the PC era. Again. The PC era has been prophesized to end about fourteen times so far. The PC was to be cast off its pedestal by mainframes, thin-clients, the Internet, PDA’s, tablet laptops and now smartphones.

Guess what? The PC is still here, and it sure as hell won’t be replaced by mobile phones.

For one, office productivity does not occur on a phone. People need large keyboards and large screens to be optimally productive in an office environment. Laptops may gain a greater share here, but smartphones are just too damn small and too damn inconvenient to replace a PC. The only way I see this happening is when smartphones develop large foldable screens and keyboards that rival or exceed current PC standards. And that’s not gonna happen in 5 years time.

Second, and more important, the Symbian fellow ignores the greatest enabler of technological advancement in personal computing: games. Sure, next-gen consoles are cool and sell a lot of units, but compared to PC’s those things are a joke. By far most RTS, FPS and MMO games are on the PC platform, and despite the Xbox360 and PS3’s l33tness, they will never replace the PC. Consoles just don’t hack it when it comes to these genres, where a mouse & keyboard is still by far the best input method. Not to mention the vast modding community a lot of games have – how can that thrive on closed-console platforms? It won’t, so PC gaming is here to stay.

Once again I’m amazed at the total ignorant feces that comes out of the mouths of people who should know better. I mean, this guy is a fucking CEO, and he’s spouting this total bullshit as if he truly believes it.