De omnibus dubitandum

It’s the End of the World as we know it

Well, this is certainly an interesting tidbit. On the Dutch Tweakers site, where this news story was reposted, a vivid debate erupted about the biblical connection and its implications. It’s refreshing to see techies talk religion. I suspect a lot of them have some sort of conservative religious background.

It seems to me that technology and spirituality are intermingling more and more. From the lunatic who sees God in his television (anyone read ‘Virtual Light‘? Gibson based that cult on something IRL) to the Matrix trilogy, and now this particular debate.

Interesting times we live in, that’s for sure.

A bunch of friends and a camcorder

Check this out: Assassin Chronicles

It’s amazing what a bunch of friends with a camcorder and a computer can get done these days. And that’s why I like the Internet so much – without it, stuff like this would never reach an audience.

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  • Dear Raed

    On WG’s discussion forum someone posted a link to a blog from a citizen of Baghdad. If you want a viewpoint from someone in the middle of it, literally, go check it out.

    I’m not yet sure if it’s genuine or a fake.

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  • It’s a game.

    C&C Generals is turning out to be somewhat of a challenge. I haven’t played RTS games in years, preferring the mindless brutality of 3D shooters, but a colleague of mine offered me a copy. It turned out to be rather addictive, mostly due to spectacular graphics and smooth gameplay.

    Although the way the GLA is portrayed would probably be fuel for the conspiracy-nuts among us who believe the media is brainwashing the masses by order of the US government. The game seems designed to villainify terrorism even more, utterly bypassing any form of deeper issues that lie at the root of modern terrorism.

    But then again, it’s a violent computer game, where political correctness is a liability, not an asset.

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  • We Like The Moon

    Oh… my… God…

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  • Return of the King

    For those who have heard about the protests against LOTR2: The Two Towers, this is funny shit:

    I heard that the next lotr movie would have a title that’s made only to capitalize on the worst tragedy in American history. I don’t know what we could do but maybe a petition to PJ would help. Tell him that there are some things you simply DON’T speak about. Not only because of the thousands of mourners but also because of simple decency.

    So lets state it clearly. It’s simply disgusting how some people want to make money on the death of Elvis. And let’s just face it. The king won’t return. [From]

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  • Da Shiznit, know what I’m sayin?

    This is some funny shit, know what I’m sayin?

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