I stumbled upon this great article about graduating from beer to whiskey. Whiskey is a tough drink to get in to, but a very rewarding beverage once you’re used to it. Those tasting notes you often read, waxing lyrically about the multitude of flavors in a whiskey, aren’t exaggerated. A good whiskey is complex and carries many different flavors.

I used to be an Irish whiskey fundamentalist, but later I discovered some fantastic Scotch whiskies like Ardbeg and Bowmore. And my best pal once gave me a bottle of Japanese whisky that rivals the best Irish blends.

In case you’re wondering about the different spellings of the word ‘whisk(e)y’, Irish whiskey has the ‘e’ while the Scotch spelling omits it. Many distillers that try to match the taste of Scotch whiskies, like the Japanese Suntory distillery, also spell it without an ‘e’.