Buma/Stemra, the Dutch copyright organisation charged with collecting royalties for artists (and often neglecting to funnel that money to the actual artists) has published new rules for embedding music videos on websites.

These new rules, set to go in to effect in 2010, effectively mean that everyone, including amateur bloggers, will have to start paying money for the privilege of embedding music videos on their blog.

We’re not talking about a few pennies here either: €130 for 6 embedded videos, €650 for 30 embedded videos. This is big money that the vast majority of sites – you know, amateur bloggers that are fans of music and want to share their passion with their online friends – will be unable to afford.

You might think that an organisation claiming to represent the rights of music artists would be happy to have internet users create free publicity and buzz for artists, which would result in extra sales of music, tickets and merchandise.

But no, you’d be horribly wrong. Buma/Stemra doesn’t care about artists or music. They care only about money. More specifically, about making money for record companies. Fuck artists, fuck fans, and most of all fuck the internet. Pay up or get sued.

I propose we show Buma/Stemra just how retarded they are and post thousands of Dutch music videos on thousands of blogs. Start new blogs and post music videos. When they send you a cease and desist notice, close that blog and start a new one. Keep doing this over and over. Bury them in mountains of administrative work that yields them absolutely nothing.

Oh, and sign the petition against this latest excrement of corporate greed, and spread the word.

UPDATE: After a tidal wave of protests from all areas of society, including politicians, Buma/Stemra has withdrawn its intent to charge non-commercial websites for embedding videos.