Many people don’t understand why I firmly believe Lance Armstrong used doping. They refer to the countless doping tests the man has undergone during his supreme reign in the Tour de France, all of which came up negative.

But those people don’t understand what a doping test is. A doping test is simply a series of chemical tests to confirm the presence of known illegal substances. I repeat, known illegal substances. A doping test does not reveal if the athlete in question is using anything that’s not currently marked as illegal. It simply doesn’t test for anything else than what the authorities deem necessary to test for.

It seems few remember the EPO scandal of several years ago. In the late 1990’s EPO was added to the list of illegal doping substances, and suddenly dozens of cyclists were found guilty of using this drug. Investigation turned out that EPO had been used in cycling and many other sports for years before it became included in doping tests.

I’m quite sure Lance Armstrong has access to performance-enhancing drugs that are currently not marked as illegal, and as such are not tested for. In due time these drugs will be officially recognized as doping, and I’m sure more than a few cyclists will have to publicly admit their cheating ways.

Armstrong won’t be among them, of course. He’s already retired. Smart man.