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“Scott Adams” Syndrome

"Scott Adams"-syndrome: a form of cognitive dissonance; the realisation that the artist responsible for a specific piece of art that you really like is actually a colossal douche. [See also: Dan Simmons]

Shortly after Scott Adams started blogging, I stopped reading Dilbert. Because I quickly realised that the man behind Dilbert is actually a very unpleasant person.

And when I say unpleasant, I mean that he’s an arsehole of galactic proportions, obsessed with his own ego, uncannily petty and so far up himself he views the world through a murky haze of his own shit.

Latest case in point: He wrote a pretty horrid article for the Washington Post, and when criticised he pretended to be someone else and attacked his critics – and patted himself on the back by proxy.

He then outed himself as the commenter who shone light up his own rectum, which was a Really Bad Move, and after catching more flak he then went on to explain it all in this amazingly profound way: I’m smarter than you, nyah nyah nyah.

[Sidenote: that “genius-level IQ” the man is boasting about is courtesy of his former membership of Mensa, which is not really that boast-worthy. I should know – I’m a member too.]

If you think that this is all amazingly childish, stupid, and embarrassing, you’re right. I’m not particularly surprised though, because Scott Adams has been pulling shit like this for years. Especially on his own blog, which is such a supreme showcase of the man’s apocalyptic delusions of grandeur that it should serve as reference material in every psychology class. Particularly useful for lessons discussing the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Update: apparently revelling in the bad image he’s creating for himself, Scott Adams has now proceeded to write about rape and gender roles in one of his latest blog posts. Following on this he’s had an exchange with a female Salon writer, which I interpret as him getting his arse handed to him upon which he capitulated ungraciously.

That’s the thing about Scott Adams, it seems: his mouth keeps writing checks his arse can’t cash.

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  • CNet’s Top Ten Internet Memes

    These are the top ten Internet memes as picked by CNet. I have to add one: John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.



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