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Google Sites

Google has launched Sites, its Googlefied version of JotSpot which it acquired a while back. At first glance it seems to be a pretty decent piece of software, although admittedly I haven’t experimented much with it yet.

Google Sites is positioned to be a bit of a SharePoint-killer. Seems a highly questionable claim to me, but it could become a serious competitor to Basecamp. For me it’s already a Lotus TeamRoom killer (or Quickr as it’s called in its latest iteration).


Great article on Wired: Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business by Chris Anderson, who was also the first to state the obvious in The Long Tail.

Truths about social news sites

Interesting piece about how to use social news sites (which the author calls social media but that phrase encompasses a whole lot more imo) to your best advantage. It contains some basic fundamentals and useful tips on how to get the best out of sites like Digg, Reddit and their niche brethren.


NotchUpI got an invite to the NotchUp beta through a Linkedin contact. I hadn’t heard of NotchUp before, but apparently it’s a job search site with a twist. Instead of you looking for a job, recruiters look on NotchUp for you. Not a particularly innovative idea, as recruiters have been scouring the resumes on job sites for suitable candidates for years.

But the key selling point of NotchUp is that you, the job candidate, get paid for being interviewed by a prospective employer. You get to set your interview price, and then when a recruiter wants to chat with you about a job interview, you get paid.

Interesting idea. I’m not sure how feasible it is. It only works in a labor market where the demand for educated knowledge workers exceeds the supply. This is currently the case in most Western countries, but I suspect the success of NotchUp depends on whether the interviewed candidates regularly choose the new jobs offered to them or if they only go for the payout.

IMS Masterclass

Early this week the second segment of the Internet Marketing Strategy masterclass at Nyenrode was held. I was once again privileged enough to be there. This masterclass is turning out to be a superb, inspiring training that is not only providing me with lots of great ideas, but also offers some valuable tools for me to take discussions in my work environment about internet strategy to the next level.

Like the first segment, the second segment was graced with several special guest presenters. In the first segment we had the honor of welcoming Marjolijn Kamphuis (MTV Networks) and Yuri van Geest (Mobile Monday) among others, and this week our special guests were Roland van der Vorst (THEY) and Pim Betist (SellaBand). All presentations were packed full of wonderful ideas and inspiring moments.

Below is the presentation from Marjolijn about user generated content.

Online community map, D&D style

Here’s a great map drawn in D&D style, mapping out the web’s online communities. Fantastic stuff for geeky webheads like me. Click the image for the full version.

Online Communities map
– via BoingBoing.

The Web, by Google

New Google toy: Web Accelerator.

How long until our entire web experience is managed by Google? They index the web, they index your emails and documents, and now they’ll be indexing your surfing behaviour.

That is, if you let them.


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