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Late July Roundup

It’s been a mad week here with little time for individual blog updates. So instead I’ve collected the interesting stuff of last week in one post:

  • Ireland Retreats To The Dark Ages
    Not content to join the rest of the world in the 21st century, Ireland decides to make time go backwards and heads for the Dark Ages at full speed by passing a law against Blasphemy. It’s now illegal in Ireland to take the name of the Lord in vain. Well, Goddammit.
  • Sauron’s Evil Eye Burns In The Night Sky
    Well, it’s not really the Eye of Sauron, it’s just an eye-shaped galaxy with a supermassive black hole at its center. But it’s still cool.
  • Toygasm Overwhelms Adamus
    I have a new toy to replace my once-slick-but-now-clunky Tytn II: the HTC Hero. Like many of my new toy acquisitions, it is made of Pure Awesomeness until I get tired of it. Which in this case is likely not to happen for a while. Seamless integration with my Gmail, calendar and contacts, loads of cool apps, smooth interface, and most of all: open source. Fuck you, iPhone.
  • U2 Still Rules
    I went to see U2 on their 360° tour in Croke Park, Dublin last Friday and it rocked.

That is all.

Layar: The Decider

For a few weeks I faced a dilemma: get the new HTC Magic or wait for the Palm Pre to be released here. Then I caught a whiff of this new application, exclusive to the Android platform (for the time being):

Layar – Augmented Reality

That pretty much ended my quandary right then and there. HTC Magic, here I come.

Wikitude Augmented Reality on your G1

Augmented Reality is coming. The Wikitude application for the G1 phone gives you information on nearby points of interest based on your GPS location and objects identified through your phone’s camera. See a demonstration here:

(Via MobileCowboys)

State of the Internet

Mary Meeker from Morgan Stanley gives an annual presentation about the state of the internet at the Web 2..0 Summit. While I often think that big corporate analysts tend to be out of touch with what’s really going on, I felt that this presentation gives a good overview of what’s going on and where we’re headed.

Mobile Monday #8

Mobile MondayYesterday I visited the 8th Mobile Monday event in Amsterdam. I’d been meaning to attend a MoMo much sooner than this but something always came up or it just wasn’t convenient. But this time Bruce Sterling was one of the speakers, and a chance to see one of my childhood SF icons was too great to pass up.

The theme of this edition of MoMo was “How mobile is changing society” and all four speakers addressed this topic in their own way. Yet the similarities between their visions were overwhelming. They all spoke about contextual services, of how your mobile is turning into much more than just a phone and is becoming a device that delivers services to you depending on where you are and what you’re doing.

Bruce Sterling at MoMoBruce Sterling’s talk lived up to the audience’s high expectations, as he literally climbed the pulpit (the venue was a converted church) and preached to his disciples, the ‘mobile sinners’ as he called us. He spoke of the internet of things, about the explosive growth of connectivity and how we’re building our technological future on an unstable, volcanic foundation.

Great stuff for technophiles like me. Yuri van Geest, one of the founders of MoMo, confessed to me that he’s trying to get Ray Kurzweil and Vernor Vinge to come speak at future editions. If he actually manages to get that arranged there’s no way on this earth I’ll be missing out.


Just got a new toy. My previous MP3 player was alright but didn’t have enough storage and couldn’t play videos, nor does it have an FM radio. The Zen is a superb device which has more features than you’re likely to need. Which is exactly what a geek toy should have.

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  • Augmented Reality device concept

    This concept of a futuristic, augmented reality device is something I’d fork over major cash for right here and now. I’m afraid we’ll have to wait a while though before those type of metaverse devices will hit the streets.

    Augmented Reality device concept

    (Via Dutch Cowboys.)



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