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IMS Masterclass

Early this week the second segment of the Internet Marketing Strategy masterclass at Nyenrode was held. I was once again privileged enough to be there. This masterclass is turning out to be a superb, inspiring training that is not only providing me with lots of great ideas, but also offers some valuable tools for me to take discussions in my work environment about internet strategy to the next level.

Like the first segment, the second segment was graced with several special guest presenters. In the first segment we had the honor of welcoming Marjolijn Kamphuis (MTV Networks) and Yuri van Geest (Mobile Monday) among others, and this week our special guests were Roland van der Vorst (THEY) and Pim Betist (SellaBand). All presentations were packed full of wonderful ideas and inspiring moments.

Below is the presentation from Marjolijn about user generated content.

Guerilla Marketing is Terrorism

And they wonder why we think they’re all a bunch of morons over there.

More reporting on this knee-jerk panic reaction here, here and here.


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