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I feel like Ctrl+Alt+Deleting myself

Some Friday fun for you guys:

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  • Going Postal

    Usually I’m the first to excrete all over Uwe Boll’s cinematical oeuvre, as so far his every film has been total and utter crap. But after seeing this trailer for his latest videogame-to-movie production Postal, I can’t help but feel a desire to actually see this film. Especially after reading this positive review.

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  • Balls of Steel

    In more lighthearted news, there are gamers out there who are unfamiliar with the eclectic oeuvre of Duke Nukem. What’s the world coming to? (Thanks Acidfreaky!)

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  • Teh Hardcore

    The WoW geeks among us will get a chuckle out of this:
    World of Warcraft diapers
    “For when getting up during a raid isn’t an option.”
    – via Destructoid

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  • Mr. Deity

    In case you haven’t yet seen these little gems, go forth and indulge thyself! Superbly funny stuff.

    Here’s the first episode:

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  • 419 Countermeasures

    Everyone that has any kind of presence on teh intahweb knows of the Nigerian 419 Scammers. Don’t you wish you could scam them back? Well, someone has, in a most hilarious manner. He’s my new hero.

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  • Shave Everywhere

    I got to get me one of these.

    And if I ever descend to these depths, please kill me. Gruesomely.

    Edit: those two links are entirely unrelated. Really.



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