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This so happened to me last week

Don’t you just hate it when you’re having a drink in a bar and a hot chick starts flirting with you, and then another equally hot chick also starts flirting with you, and then suddenly they go all Obi-Wan on you and fight it out with lightsabers?

No, me neither.

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  • Piece of f#*@!ng s#!t.

    Absurdly humorous (and very NSFW due to excessive cursing).

    (Via Boing Boing)

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  • Auditorium

    Ever since I played the demo I’ve been waiting for this day: the full version of Auditorium is now available.


    For those not in the know (and this is I suspect the majority of my readership), Auditorium is a superbly addictive game. The basic premise is simple, as it is for most forms of digital crack cocaine posing as games: you need to guide a flow of particles to several containers using a set of manipulator fields. Easy to learn, difficult to master. The later levels become increasingly complex and you’ll have to think hard and experiment a lot to solve a seemingly impossible puzzle.

    The strength of the game is its music. Every container represents part of a musical score. As the particles fill the container, the music associated with the container plays. This adds an element of hypnotic beauty to an already fun game.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have about 56 more levels of Auditorium to play. See you in 2011. Maybe.

    Steal This Comic

    If you want a music collection you can rely on, pirate it.

    Web 2.0 Bullshit Bingo

    As a homage to the original, and inspired by frank’s comments on this post and my own senseless blathering in the comments here, I’ve created a Web 2.0 Bullshit Bingo chart. Keep it handy in any online discussion and when five of the listed terms have been used you can claim “BULLSHIT!” and consider the discussion over. Sort of a Web 2.0 version of Godwin’s Law.

    Tammy Faulkner missing
    Click image for larger version

    Matt 2008

    Coolest video you’ll ever see:

    OK, maybe not ever, but certainly the coolest video you’ll see today.

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  • Nail, head, hit, all that.

    Lack of Respect
    (Via Unreasonable Faith)



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