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Success is shining eyes around you

And once again a talk comes out of TED that amuses, inspires and provokes: Benjamin Zander on music, emotion, and his awesome definition of success.

(Via Yuri van Geest)

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  • Love, Internet Style

    Clay Shirky, who’s newly released book Here Comes Everybody I hope to receive from anytime now, did a great talk a while back about love, Internet style.

    Best quote: “Perl is an act of love.”

    Against The Machine

    Lee Siegel was on yesterday’s edition of The Daily Show to talk about the bad side of the Internet:

    I think he has a point. I might just get the book he was plugging.

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  • The Technium

    Seeing two different sources refer to two different post on Kevin Kelly’s The Technium blog in the span of a week more than piqued my curiosity. After reading both recommended posts (1, 2) and watching a TED talk I can only conclude that this guy’s brainfarts are worth keeping an eye on.

    I’m late to the party on this – Mr. Kelly has been an icon of the techno-geek crowd for years. Somehow I managed to miss out.

    CNet’s Top Ten Internet Memes

    These are the top ten Internet memes as picked by CNet. I have to add one: John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.

    Where Geek meets Macho

    This article, a perfect blend of testosterone-inspired madness and hi-tech geekgasm-worthiness, tickled me in all the right ways:

    Randolph highway patrol sunglasses, 20-gallon reserve fuel tank, Tasco 8 x 40 binoculars fitted with a Kenyon KS-2 gyro stabilizer, military spec Steiner 7 x 50 binoculars, Hummer H1-style bumper-mounted L-3 Raytheon NightDriver thermal camera and LCD dashboard screens, front-and-rear-mounted sensors for a Valentine One radar/laser detector, flush bumper-mount Blinder M40 laser jammers, redundant Garmin StreetPilot 2650 GPS units, preprogrammed Uniden police radio scanners, ceiling-mount Uniden CB radio with high-gain whip antenna. Check. Check. Check.

    At the moment, the driver and copilot of this E39 BMW M5 are illegal in intent only as they obediently cow along the tip of Manhattan, funnel into the Holland Tunnel, and spill out into New Jersey along a six-lane mash-and-merge. The speedometer reads a cool 60 miles per hour; the clock reads 9:12 pm.

    “Unacceptable,” Alex Roy says. The 35-year-old driver is addressing both the numbers and himself. Then, after 20 sickening minutes in construction traffic, Roy says it to the darkened highway, pushing up over 110 mph while his copilot squints along the scabbed blacktop for the deer that might end their lives and the policemen who might kill their trip.

    The quest itself — to cross from New York to Los Angeles with unthinkable brevity — is a drive, yes, in the same way that the moon shot was a flight. This is an engineered operation that has been financed, scenarioed, calculated, technologically outfitted, and (via digital video and triangulated time-stamped texting and GPS verification and support teams on both coasts) will be monitored and recorded (for proof, posterity, and a documentary film).

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  • TED Talks

    I found this wonderful collection of talks from the true cream of the crop of the world’s intellectuals, scientists and entrepreneurs through Boing Boing. It features talks from Richard Dawkins, Ray Kurzweil, Al Gore and Hans Rosling. Hours of viewing pleasure, right at your fingertips.

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