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VR, here we come!

Finally a technology that can deliver us something that we’ve been promised since 1984:

Principles be damned

I’ll buy an XBox 360 just to play this game.

Let me emphasize that for you, so you understand the significance. I am a hardcore PC gamer. I despise consoles. I think consoles turn gaming into a brain-destroying, IQ-lowering, undignified affair that stands in direct contrast to the stimulating, intelligence-enhancing and thrilling experience that intricate and well-made PC games bring.

And I will buy an XBox 360 just to play that game. That’s how much I want it.

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  • Do you like videogames?

    If you’re wondering what type of console to buy exactly to properly satisfy your gaming urges, look no further than this handy flowchart.

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  • I, Gamer

    I am now the proud owner of an Xbox. Technically it’s a used Xbox, though its total active time before I acquired it amounts to about six minutes. An acquaintance of mine bought it, but it turns out it’s a slightly updated version, which means a pal of his can’t hack it. And since he bought the bloody thing specifically to have it hacked and pumped full of ripped games, he passed it on to me for the friendly price of €100 (€50 below store price). Half the accessories were still plastic-wrapped.

    Now I have to divide my game time between multiplayer mayhem on my PC and console coolness on the Xbox. There are some superb Xbox-only games out there that demand my attention, such as Burnout 3, Fable, and Ninja Gaiden.

    There go the eviscerated remains of my social life.

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